Q- Is my Silverbiscuit really made in the US?
A- Absolutely 100%.  If you're in LA, contact us to come on by and see!

Q- How do I care for my Pendant?
A- Over time, sterling silver can develop a 'patina' that comes with wear and age. In most cases this is desirable.  However if you do want to clean it up a bit, we recommend wiping it down with a silver cleaning cloth and nothing else.  You can use heavily diluted dish soap in warm water with a soft toothbrush, but then you'll want to get a new toothbrush after that!  DO NOT USE SILVER CLEANERS as this will remove the oxidation and you will need to get it re-done!

Q- Are Silver Biscuits returnable?
A- NO.  Sadly these truly are 'custom' jewelry pieces that we hope will become heirlooms over time.  Upon your order we will start the creation process for YOU and no one else but you.  It is yours.  Unless you can find someone with your exact initials and player numbers who really wants it.

Q- So I like the biscuit, but I have another son who plays basketball..
A- I am a custom jeweler and can make practically anything you desire.  Contact me if you want to have something special created.

Q- How long will it take to get my Biscuit?
A- The MINIMUM amount of time should be about 5-7 days from the time we receive your order until the time we ship.  We ship via Priority Mail so you should receive your order within 3 days after shipment notification.

Q- Why did you stop playing hockey if its really in your blood?
A- I'm old.  It sucks to have to chase young punks around on the ice who are in their 20s.  Its just not fair. Its like being on the PK constantly and never getting a line change.

Q- Favorite Player?
A- Toss up... Brian Leetch #2 on the New York Rangers during their cup season.  Truly an incredible player - First American player to win the Conn Smythe - Nuff said.  So I wore #2 because I played defense.  However, I started wearing #14 the day Brendan Shannahan took on Donald Brashear center ice at the garden.  You could actually see it in his face that he was deciding what needed to be done to motivate his team.  It was NOT an easy decision.  That was huge.