Well... How did I get here?

Back in the Day

I started playing roller hockey in my late 20s and transitioned to ice in my 30s.  My son started playing at 6 and I've been involved in the hockey world ever since.  Player, Coach, Scorekeeper and now I'm a USA Hockey Referee.
If hockey is your sport...
If you're from a hockey family....
You know...
You understand.
There is no other game like it.


I coached...  well...... I opened the doors for the line changes.  Still, working on the ice with my son and all his teammates from Mite through Pee Wee was a very rewarding experience and one that I am eternally grateful for.  There is something unique about the 'hockey family' experience.  I know that everyone is passionate about 'their sport', but I truly believe there is no other sport like hockey.  The early ice, the tournament travel.  The car rides.  The smells. The locker rooms.  The tears.  The Cheers.  Its all amazing.


I've been involved in all aspects of hockey from being an enthusiastic hockey parent, to being a board member of the local club, apparel coordinator and even scorekeeper.  Recently, I followed my son's lead and signed up to be a USA Hockey certified referree.  I have done over 700 games so far.
It is one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding experiences in my hockey story.  There is so much going on on the ice and so much to learn from every game. Whether it be as a referee for a U10 game or as a linesman for 16AA, I'm always learning.  You will never catch me yelling 'Ref you suck'!  

These Idiots

Don't ask.  At heart he is a Flyers fan.  At heart I am a Rangers fan.  Probably because I started going to games at MSG back in the early 90s.  You had to be there.  The end of the 50 year Cup drought.  Matteau!  Matteau!  But I digress...
Without this guy in the Ducks jersey, I would have missed half of my life... 
One day we heard about the roller hockey games in Santa Monica at the beach parking lot.  We had some really crappy roller blades and we got some plastic Mylec street hockey sticks.  We went down to the beach and were relegated to the 'beginners' game.  There were no less than 5 games being played simultaneously.... 7 days a week.  We played with balls and trash cans laid on their side.  We were addicted.  We made life long friends.  We became hockey players.